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IPS President’s Message

Dr Jayaprakashan K PPresident Indian Psychiatric Society Kerala

Dear friends,
Greetings to all of you from IPS Kerala. Our Website was defunct for quite sometime due to various technical reasons. Now as authorised by Executive Committee, Dr Dayal Narayan and Dr Anees Ali have reactivated the same. Congratulations and thanks. In due course we will be updating all the association activities, CME programs and various other information in our website.

Dr Jayaprakashan K P
President, IPS Kerala


Dr Joice GeoHonorary General Secretary

Warm greetings to all !
Welcome to the State Conference of IPS Kerala . It is a matter of great pride and happiness for the IPS Kerala State branch that the Annual Conference of IPS is being conducted by Kannur Guild of Psychiatrists at Krishna Beach resort, a beautiful and serene location. I feel extremely fortunate as the Honorary General Secretary of IPS Kerala during past one year ,where I could experience the co-operation, unity and enterprise of each ten branches of IPS Kerala from the North to South.

We could organise national, zonal ,state and local conferences, CME’s , workshops, and mental health awareness programs during last year with ease because of the excellent cooperation from all branches.
I specially thank all office bearers, EC members, senior members and colleagues for their help in making this association a vibrant one.

Jai IPS !
Dr Joice Geo,
Honorary General Secretary,
Branch of IPS Kerala

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